Why We Build the Way We Do

Mr. Canterbury has been an eye-witness to many hurricanes and storms on the Texas Coast since 1961 when he went through Hurricane Carla. He helped two of his friends recover from the damage caused by the storm. He went to the Houston Yacht Club to help a friend with his yacht and to Port o'Connor to help a friend with his beach home.  In his words, here is why we build the way we do:

When we were going to the Houston Yacht Club after Hurricane Carla, we encountered a line of debris several miles inland with every kind of item one can think of - from coolers, boats, bottles, pieces of wood, parts of houses - and the list goes on and on. What we witnessed was what was left of many homes, buildings, and boats and all the things of life along the coast. This got my attention!!!

A couple of days later I went to Port O'Connor to help a friend with the belongings in his beach house. When we got there, there were no belongings and there was no beach house, either! We could not even figure out where his house had been. There had been a whole line of nice beach homes and the Coast Guard station along the inter-coastal canal. The only thing left standing was the Coast Guard station!!!!

This really got my attention!!!! The Coast Guard station building was made of a concrete and steel structure; and I made my mind up at that moment that whenever I built my own home, this was going to be the way I wanted to build it for my family.

I have witnessed and/or studied the effects the following hurricanes have had on the structures of the buildings in Texas:

    • Carla -1961
    • Cindy - 1963
    • Beulah - 1967
    • Celia - 1970
    • Fern - 1971
    • Allen - 1980
    • Alicia - 1983
    • Bonnie- 1986
    • Gilbert - 1988
    • Chantal - 1989
    • Jerry - 1989
    • Bret- 1999
    • Claudette - 2003
    • Rita - 2005
    • Humberto - 2007
    • Dolly - 2008

These storms gave me the reasons for building the way that we do. Please take a moment to watch the video and pictures we have of Hurricane Celia, and the damage it caused.

As I look back, the reason the homes we built survived Hurricane Celia because we spent the time and the money to ensure that each and every stud, floor joist, and rafter was tied down with T.E.C.O. Steel Ties. At the time, that wasn't a requirement, but our customers' safety was a priority for us. Now there is a different product on the market that does the same thing. The Texas Windstorm Commission has studied the damages from these different storms and using the steel ties is now mandatory on all homes that they insure. We were years ahead of the curve! I made up my mind to use the very best building techniques possible when building homes for other people. Canterbury Design and Construction, LLC does follow this principle each and every day on all of our jobs.

These hurricanes and thunderstorms are the reasons we build the way we do. In conclusion, it is in one's best interests to build to the highest structural standards that are reasonable and in accordance with one's construction budget and geographical location. This is for the safety of your family or businesses and it is the ultimate protection for your investment dollars.


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