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Choosing a Building Contractor in the Texas Coastal Bend Area

Choosing a building contractor in the Coastal Bend area of Texas should be a very carefully and well-thought-out process!
There are many "builders" that will take a set of plans, call the cheapest subcontractors and - BINGO! - your house is built...but at what real cost to you? 

When selecting your contractor, be sure to consider the following questions, and be mindful of the hidden or long-term costs that result from hiring a contractor whose primary focus is getting your house built cheaply.

    • Does the contractor or builder simply choose the lowest subcontractor bidders or does he select quality subcontractors who are known for their workmanship and known to stand behind it?
    • Does the contractor or builder understand the structural requirements for a truly sound structure that will last for years in the coastal environment? In nearly 50 years of building homes, Canterbury Design and Construction, LLC has NEVER suffered any damage to or lost a home that we designed and built to the many storms we get here on the Texas Coast - can other contractors say the same?
    • Does the contractor or builder understand the "R" values and the construction that helps the values of heating and cooling your home required in the Coastal Bend area of Texas?  This knowledge is essential for maximizing home efficiency while also reducing your heating and cooling costs, both immediately and for the long-term!
    • Does the contractor or builder just let the low bid subcontractors choose what materials go into your home?  A good building contractor will be very hands-on throughout the building process, and will be an essential part of making critical decisions like these.
    • Does the contractor or builder have the years of construction experience in the Coastal Bend area of Texas or has he/she just moved into the area?  You will want a contractor who is intimately familiar with the unique aspects of building homes made to withstand the natural forces (pests, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.) present in and unique to the Texas Coastal Bend area!

Building a home is a very expensive investment and the home owner wants his investment to be safe from all the hazards of nature that are present in the Texas Coastal Bend area .  We use the word "investment" because if your home is built correctly it will be an investment that will continue to appreciate over time.  A perfect example of this investment is the first house Canterbury Construction built: it was constructed in Rockport, Texas in 1965 for $19,600.00.  This same home recently sold in 2012 for well over $600,000. This is the type of lasting quality your investment should have as well.

Canterbury Design and Construction, LLC has a proven track record of quality construction that has stood the test of time.  Choose your building contractor wisely in order to ensure the lasting quality that your investment should have!!!

Why Should You Design and Build a Concrete and Steel Home with Canterbury Design and Construction?

Concrete and Steel is the ultimate construction method for safety and quality to protect your family, your home, and your investment dollars.

We want our customers to feel confident when they lock their home and leave on an extended trip that their home and belongings will be safe and secure while they are away.  

Concrete and Steel Construction is:

    • Ultimate for family safety
    • Ultimate for fire protection
    • Ultimate for safety from hurricanes, tropical storms, and tornadoes
    • Ultimate for protection from termites and other pests
    • Ultimate for increased R-Values and insulation of your home
    • Ultimate for protection from home invasion and the protection of your valuables
    • Ultimate for the least maintenance over the years
    • Ultimate for lasting value for your investment dollars
    • Ultimate "Green Construction" method

While we recommend Concrete and Steel over any other construction method due to its proven superiority, we still build many structures using other methods at our clients' requests.  To learn more about each method, please click on the links on the right side of this page.

Please also take a moment to review our Galleries to see just how beautiful a concrete and steel home can be!  

Yes, any set of plans can take advantage of the strength and quality of a steel frame structure.

Yes, Canterbury Design and Construction, LLC will erect the steel frame structure for your project and finish it to whatever level of completion you want and you can do the rest of the project yourself. This is a very good way to save money on a project.

Yes, in a matter of days we can have your steel framed home "shelled-in" and ready for you or your sub-contractors to finish out at your pace.

Yes, Canterbury Design and Construction, LLC can supply you with a pre-engineered steel frame structure for your home that you can assemble yourself. The bolt together system makes it simple for anyone with mechanical skills to assemble our steel frame home packages. We will drop ship the steel frame package right to your building site.  Learn more about our DIY packages HERE.

All pieces will be drop shipped to your construction site that are required for you to assemble your steel frame package.  Please see the complete list of all items delivered with our packages HERE. If you have any questions please Contact Us for more information.

No, unless you are into a very large steel frame project.  90% of steel framed projects will only  require an all-terrain fork lift, a gin pole, or a light sign crane. If, for instance, you are erecting a steel framed garage, all you would need is a tractor with a bucket on the front.  We have assembled and erected barns that were 18' high, 40' wide, and 100' long with only a tractor with a bucket on the front and a stinger attached to the bucket and cable tie backs.

You will need two people to assemble the truss frames. A crew of 3 extra people would be helpful when picking up and setting the frames. It will make the work safer and it will go faster.

Yes, Canterbury Design and Construction, LLC can arrange for one of our supervisors to be at your project location on a per diem basis.

Yes, we have numerous standard steel frame packages available. We can also create custom plans for you or provide you with a steel framed package for any set of prints that you have if you want to take advantage of the superior strength and quality of a steel framed package.  Contact Us for more information.

We save all the trees that we can after a tree survey of the building site is done. We build as eco-friendly as possible on ALL building sites. See our articles and pictures on Saving Trees. We have moved over 128 oak trees around the county over the years instead of cutting them down.

Yes, steel frame structures  are the "greenest" structure you can build.  A steel structure is 100% recyclable.  We also use recycled and recyclable materials or salvaged materials (at the owner's discretion) whenever we can in the building process. For more information visit Why Concrete and Steel and Eco-Friendly Structures.

Canterbury Design and Construction, LLC does not have a registered professional engineer on staff. We do, however, have professional relationships with and consult with several registered engineers and engineering firms when the need arises.  If you have a preferred engineer, we will gladly work with that engineer.  Though we do not staff a registered engineer, Mr. Sam Canterbury graduated from Marquette University  with a degree in mechanical engineering. He used these mechanical engineering principals while working for Shell Oil Company as a production engineer and as division drilling engineer before he established his own business, Canterbury Construction Company, Inc. in 1965.  Mr. Canterbury's background and knowledge allow for seamless and efficient communication between Canterbury Design and Construction, LLC and the engineers with whom we work.

Yes, we would be delighted to drive you around and show you the homes that we feature on our website that we have designed and built! Contact Us to make arrangements.

No, we do not design and build light gauge steel frame packages. We do not feel it is appropriate for the weather conditions on the Texas Coast. If you would like to build a light gauge structure, we can recommend some good sources for you; however, the difference in cost between a steel frame package of heavy gauge steel and a package for a light gauge project is not that much difference in money and you may be better off building with a heavy guage steel frame. The labor cost is usually the same - and sometimes actually greater - when building with light gauge steel vs. heavy guage steel, and you lose out on all the benefits and safety of the heavier guage steel.

Yes, we have done this many times. In a beautiful concrete and steel home, there are no materials in the structure that termites can destroy.

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Yes, we can build a fireproof home that will not burn or support the spread of fire. The furniture might catch fire and burn but it will not destroy the structure.

Canterbury Design and Construction, LLC can design and build steel framed structures that can be approved for seismic zone 4 ratings.  This is the highest rating required within the United States, and it is a great testament to the quality and strength of steel framed structures.

Steel framed structures are more resistant to the effects of severe hurricanes and tornadoes. Steel framed homes and buildings can be designed to withstand 155 mph winds.  Please see Steel Framed Structures for more information about the high level of safety one can expect from a steel framed building.

Steel framed structures are fire resistant because the steel members will not burn or support a fire.  For more information regarding the ultimate safety of framing with steel, see Steel Framed Structures.

There is less likelihood of damage from lightning strikes due to the superior grounding characteristics of steel.  A steel frame house is actually a safety factor because the steel frame acts as a Faraday cage. Faraday cages shield and protect their contents from static electrical fields such as lightning and EMPs (electromagnetic pulses).

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